August 12, 2016

The Risen Savior Turns our Sorrow into Joy. Sermon - Revelation 5:1-14

Sermon from Revelation 5:1-14 by Pastor Nathanael Mayhew. 

Theme:  The Risen Savior Turns our Sorrow into Joy.

Just as the Lord appeared to the women and told them not to weep, so He also had these words of comfort recorded for our joy in His resurrection.  There is a great deal of picture language in Revelation.  Jesus is described as God who sits on the throne.  Jesus is pictured as a Lamb and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Who was slain but is now alive.  He had the marks of having been put to death.  Those marks remind us of the cost of our salvation, because our sins deserved death.  Jesus alone is worthy to receive the glory and our worship because of His death and resurrection. The Scroll is held by God and written on both sides (representing knowledge of both the past and the future) and sealed with seven seals.  Only God knows the future and holds it in His hand, and this gives us great joy.  The 24 elders represent the Church in both the Old (12) and New (12) Testament times.  The entire Church proclaims with joy the Risen Savior.  Jesus is worthy to receive our praise because He humbled Himself to be our Savior, but having won the victory, takes up His rightful place as God again.  Jesus calls us as He did the first disciples to proclaim Him as the only Savior and our Risen Lord.   


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