July 27, 2016

The LORD’s Glory is revealed in Nature and in His Word! Sermon - Psalm 19:1-14

Sermon from Psalm 19:1-14 by Pastor Nathanael Mayhew. 

Theme:  The Glory of God is Revealed!

God has clearly revealed His presence to human beings.  Just as a building reveals the handiwork of a builder, so the creation reveals the handiwork of God.  The Creation did not - could not - have come into existence by chance, any more than your car.  It was designed and created by God.  This is a truth that everyone in the world can see and understand.  Only a fool would reject this truth (Psalm 14:1).  But this knowledge of God found in nature is limited and cannot reveal WHO the true God is.  For this reason the LORD has also revealed Himself to us in His perfect Word.  He reveals that we are accountable to Him and that He will judge us.  He also reveals that He has provided a solution to our sin in Jesus Christ.  Only in the Word of God can we come to know the mercy, love and grace that God has shown rebellious mankind through a Redeemer.  God's power is revealed in Creation, but His grace can only be known through His revealed Word in the Bible. 


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