July 26, 2016

How to Respond to the Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead.

In our How to Respond series, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew addresses a question about the truth of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  There are several evidences for this truth.  The resurrection of Jesus is not a New Testament concept.  It was foretold by many prophets in the Old Testament.  It was also foretold repeatedly by Jesus Himself in the weeks leading up to His death.  The empty tomb is also an evidence.  If Jesus was not raised, the Jews and Romans could have simply exhumed His body to squelch the idea.  The resurrection of Jesus is also proved by the testimony of His followers, many of whom gave up their lives because of their testimony.  Why would the die for something that knew or thought was a lie?  Finally there are example of other resurrections throughout the Old and New Testaments.  The resurrection of Jesus give hope and comfort to the sinner who trusts in Jesus!


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