August 23, 2016

How to Respond concerning the Flood

In our How to Respond series, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew addresses whether the Biblical account of the Flood in the time of Noah really happened and whether it was a local or worldwide flood.  The Bible clearly describes the flood as a real, historical event during the life of Noah.  Jesus and the apostles refer to the flood as a real event which is compared to the last day when God will judge unbelievers and save believers.  It is also clear from the Genesis account that this is a worldwide flood, and not a local flood.  It covers ALL the high hills (Genesis 7:19-20), and kills EVERY living human and land animal that was not on the ark (Genesis 7:21-23).  Finally the rainbow is given as a sign of God's promise not to destroy all flesh.  If this was only a local flood, God has broken that promise time and time again through other local floods!  In addition there are flood legends all over the world, which is what we would expect since all nations came from the descendants of Noah after the flood was over!  The Bible’s testimony of a worldwide flood that destroyed the world and changed the face of the earth is clear and it is confirmed both by Science and History.  God’s judgment against sin and His love for the sinner is revealed in the pages of the Bible.  This is just one more reason we can look to the Word of God as our ultimate source of truth in all things.


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