October 4, 2016

How beloved is God’s House! Sermon - Psalm 84

God invites us to come into His presence where He gives us rich blessings.  The fact that we can come into the presence of the Creator of the Universe and our Redeemer is a blessing in itself.  God revealed Himself to His Old Testament people through His presence in the tabernacle.  The LORD blessed His people through His presence among them.  The sacrifices which were carried out at the temple pointed to the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus would make for the sins of all people.  The LORD still blesses His people today through His presence among us in His "temple," through His Word and Sacraments.  These blessings are immeasurable, and cannot be replaced by anything this world has to offer.  The "treasures" of this life fade, but the blessings given by God last for eternity.  We are also blessed through the fellowship we share with other believers.  We encourage, support, admonish, and instruct one another when needed.  Jesus is the LIFE, our source of LIFE and the One who brings us LIFE through His perfect life and sacrificial death in our place.  It is here in the LORD's house where these blessings become our own through His Word and Sacrament.  How beloved is God's House! 


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