September 15, 2016

Desiring the Salvation of All People. Sermon - Psalm 67

Theme:  What is Christian Education?

In this Psalm, we have an Old Testament Mission Psalm.  Yes, a Mission Psalm in the Old Testament.  Mission work was not something that was only developed in the New Testament era, as many people believe.  God has always, since the Fall into sin, desired the salvation of all people.  This Psalm is a prayer that the LORD would bless us.  This is not a selfish prayer, but that through His blessing in our lives, others would come to know the only true God.  We shouldn't hold the false view that God won’t condemn someone who has never heard in Him, because He will, He must! Similarly we shouldn't think "I don’t have to do mission work because I do_________".  Mission work is our goal our purpose, both corporately and individually!  God has called us to life and salvation.  He has also called us to disciple those around us through baptizing and teaching God's Word of truth.  This was not just the work of the New Testament Church, but the church of all time!  It is also our work today.  We are ambassadors for Christ. Proclaiming the salvation that can be found in Christ alone.


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